Cloak for Witches at The Cloakary

Witch fashion at The Cloakary on Etsy

The Cloakary on Etsy offers witches cloaks, in gorgeous styling.

Ever wonder where those witches on TV got their great capes and cloaks from? If you guessed the costume store at Halloween, you may be right, but not for the real witch or fashionista. Look like an ancient Druid or practicing witch for Halloween OR in real life, thanks to the Cloakary on Etsy. They have genuine handmade capes and cloaks that range in price from $199 and up. The one featured here is their Moon cape in plush triple velvet with Frog Clasp and gold lining. You can order any size for $195, and pick the clasp style.

the Cloakary on Etsy moon witch cape

Moon witch cape on Etsy, $195