Witches Wiccans Make the News in Anchorage

Witchin’ a  Thank you to the Anchorage Daily News

Kudos to Victoria Barber who put a story in the newspaper of a real live “Witches Ball” taking place in Anchorage, Alaska. Not only did she interview the witches in charge but put a link to the ticket sales page.

I read four take-aways from the article that I am sure the public is going to need to know.

1. Witches are scared to come out of their broom closets to their bosses, family or friends.

Sadly I never understood this. Witches, you need to get on your merry broomstick and go talk to a gay guy who has come out and ask him how to do it.

2.  In the official meetup group 120 members strong, only 50 are active.

This just goes to show that over half the witches are hiding!

3. Thank you for the clarification “All Wiccans are witches but not all witches are Wiccans,” which is often so misunderstood.

If I had a dollar for every time I had to repeat this I’d be a rich old witch.

4.  The witch says to Barber, “Wiccans aren’t out to convert anyone, or even talk about their beliefs.”

Um, hello, they are not the Jehovah Witnesses. They don’t go door to door, and believe it or not, they won’t turn you into a rat.

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