Embued Bloodstone Rock Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees

I actually had this spell cast on me by a 91 year old witch in a time of utter stress in my life. I cannot find anything more about it, except, that it’s amazing she picked it for me since the trees and I go way back. If you know anything about this spell, please leave a comment.

Nojal Embued Jewelry

Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees


Name: Chalice Nectar

Objective: Healing, Visionary, Order, Anti-aging

Class: Olde Craft

Rock Imbued to “replenishes, empowers and elevates” the Owner. Halt damage to the body, mind and spirit, as well as granting higher access and visionary experiences”.

Not only will the embued stone “remove harmful and damaging energies from one’s field, it will also prevent harmful energies from re-entering one’s field”. This will assist the bearer in gaining enhanced healing abilities as the body, mind and spirit are strengthened by removing the “distracting interference” of damaging energies. The owner will see the advanced improvement of one’s appearance and feelings of well being as the effects of aging are “slowed down”. She also added that “aches and pain have been known to suddenly cease” as a result of this piece!

Noted that one will soon experience “higher access” to information from the astral plane and…

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