The Ouija : Beware

Ouija Board

Ouija board, vintage wooden one from Baltimore, not a joke.


People think the Ouija board is a joke but in reality in the wrong place at the right time and you can unleash more than you ever bargained for. I caution the curious as there is a real possibility that you can unleash a demon.

My grandmother used the Ouija out of a desperate attempt to reconnect with the spirit of her dead son. Taken from her in a tragedy, she sought the spirit world for guidance first asking God for an apparition that her son was okay .

Although sometimes the signs are sent to us in ways we may not see ; perhaps she was looking for a vision or ghost when in fact she ignored the birds constantly flying into her window or the butterflies landing on her shoulder. She then turned to the dark side of the Ouija.

What she connected with was much worse. I remember her being obsessed with the board so much so she would lie about using it. My mother begged her to get rid of the board but we kept finding it in the closet. I have heard stories where the boards keep coming back but I almost tend to believe they possess their owner under the right situation.

Now keep in mind a distraught mother seeking answers will be easy prey for a demon wanting to cause havoc. The demons try to easily trick or posses their way into the hearts of the naive or the willing.

They will con you into thinking they can help you; or even yet con you into thinkin they are the powers you seek. I do not consider use of the board any type of white magic; and it is not a Harry Potter pie in the sky dream to use one.

I can only tell you what happened in the time of her Ouija using was a total transformation in her appearance, her ways, and her overall personality. She was not herself and the road to normality was long and hard. It was as if someone else replaced her for quite awhile.

Heed this as a cautionary tale. No white witch should feel the need to dabble in this sort of witchcraft only because your heart may be pure and white but the spirit on the other end may be a very cunning demon thousands of light years strong.

So what of the board you ask ?

I found the board after she died, tucked away in the closet where it remained with her to the end of her days. I got rid of the board without issue, as it did not posses me nor was I drawn to the secrets it had to tell.

Obviously someone else is in her house. I wonder if they have a board now….

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