Flora Goddess Spell – New Beginnings

Flora Italian Goddess Witch Spell

Witch Spell Requires Help from Goddess Flora

This spell is original to my family, and I thought I’d share it today. First you should know the spell is chanted to Flora, she was a goddess of flowers and springtime (and some say fertility) in Roman Mythology.  The celebration honors her, for the return of flowers to the earth in springtime, from the long cold winter.

From my family to yours: The Flora Goddess Spell 

This spell calls on Flora to help you with your New Beginnings.

We find this good for helping your desires as it pertains to New Beginnings, for instance, you lost your job and you are trying to welcome a new beginning (or job) into your life. You lost your lover and are trying to start anew. These sort of circumstance.  The spell will not work for specific requests, as the power of Flora is to use what she thinks is best. For instance, if you ask to win the lottery, you could not ask for that. You could however have in your mind new financial beginnings if you are having issues. The spell works best when greed is not used, but practical things that the Goddess will take pity on you for. Remember, in her time, wealth was not monetary, so some do not understand how she answers. If you believe in her however, she will answer.

The spell is most powerful April 28-May 3rd when others are calling her name; legend says at this time, she seems to be listening.

Depending on the climate you are in, this spell may prove difficult, as sometimes on the East Coast the long hard winters may prove uneasy to collect the necessary components for the dates suggested.

You will need:

To collect one petal from twelve different wild flowers in various places. You must leave the original flowers in tact, but steal a petal from each. For instance, a wild daisy, just pluck one petal.  A dandelion, one petal, so on and so forth. Purple flowers are the strongest in power, they say, but this will prove hard to collect twelve different ones.

The flower petals must be collected within the same day, and set in a cup of fresh stream water.

This spell requires you to wait until the moonlight appears, or if the moonlight does not, the stars will suffice.

You must now see your vision in your head of what you need. For instance, you need a new beginning in your love life.  Now, chant the following holding the cup above your head and into the moonlight, yet when it is time you will need to expose your left breast, so some prefer to do this semi nude.  You must chant the following total of three times, getting louder each time:

Flora,  Goddess! Skin so White!

Please hear me this very night

Guide me into beginnings of new

For this is your specialty I call upon you

From thy bounty of flowers I offer thee

Twelve random petals four times three

The beauty in each I promise true

I shall respect nature and always, you.

REPEAT louder.

REPEAT even louder, and now slowly  pouring the cup with flowers down your bare left breast. * Let them fall to the ground from your breast naturally, as your breast dries.

———————————————kindly dispose of the cup in the proper manner.

*Flora is associated with fertility, so pouring down your left breast equates to nurturing the growth of flowers and awakens the height of sensitivity inside both you and the Goddess.

The spell is strengthened if you have a coven of three others and yourself, all with their own found cups and their own wishes, chanting together and return to the place you found the flowers.  If you do this, you must turn to the witch on your right when it is time to pour, and one at a time pour on the exposed left breast of your sisters or brothers until everyone has taken turns pouring, then hold hands and your spell is sealed.

Each summer, around the same time, don’t forget to thank Flora if she has granted the wish you seek.  Remember, she will grant your wish in how she sees fit.


Spell for New Beginnings