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If you’ve landed here, you can call me Glinda.  I am a  (good) earthly Pagan White Witch instilled with the power of Nature dating back to the Druids.   I will tell you more about me, but first there’s a few basics you should know.


There are many types of witches and many areas of witchcraft. Those who practice different segments of magic, from Voodoo to Wiccan — some sects and practices are seemingly darker than others. You have black magic and white magic, and even some who dabble in the grey and the in between.  All witches no matter what type of magic they practice,  have one thing in common – their witchcraft draws from the energies of the universe.   Whether this is old energy , spiritual energy, heavenly energy, energies of their elders, or even bad or demonic energy, everything in witchcraft is helped by these forces.  Some may say that faith, in God, is also pulled from those worldly energies.

Tis true that anyone can pick up a spell book and try to be a witch. All will not be successful.  Just like faith. You can read the Bible, but if you don’t believe in the Word what good is the book? Much of witchcraft is give and take. Give your mind to eternal possibilities; much like the laws of attraction. Your heart and soul must believe these things are achievable. Respecting the art and craft of witchcraft is also essential. Once you have given these qualms to the universe and beg of it help in your craft, you may then take the energy of the universe to help you.

Some say there are no natural born witches, and to that I disagree.  Some of us come from a long line of ancestors or elders with key powers that have somehow originated in our DNA.  Take for instance Native Americans who have a keen insight into nature, and can speak to their elders in a trancelike state.  Generally speaking there are some born with the gift and some must acquire it. Therefore, some people have to try at witchcraft and magic, and practice until they succeed, with spell books and special oils and ointments, but true natural born witches can simply cast a stone into a river and use the power of the universe to get resolved what they seek.

Druid Poem

family creedo


I am a natural born white witch who is four decades strong. I didn’t embrace the gifts given to me as a child, as I thought this intellect was scary and freakish growing up because I was somehow different.  Intellectually, I was in gifted and talented courses in school but I wasn’t gifted in the ways they thought.  I could read a book in a day and my memory was photographic.  My mind would race and think about everything and I was exploring the secrets of the universe at age 7.  During a trivial pursuit game I could guess the answer as “Margaret Thatcher” but didn’t know who she was.  I would tell my mom to slow the car down because a cat was coming, and sure enough one would run out in front of us. I had a relationship with nature that could not be explained.  As a child I could walk up to a deer or rabbit and it not be scared. In a forest the baby fawn would follow me out of curiosity.  I stood in front of a few black bears once, who seemed to say hello and turn the other way.  Animals were respectful of me and not fearful.    I did not fear them, and they did not fear me. I knew I was different.


Later I would learn, I was instilled the line of knowledge from my ancestors and generations before me, and so it was meant to be. Someday I will tell you the story of my elders.


I can only advise you that this is serious business. It is not to be taken lightly and I have learned from my mistakes. Some people need a manual but others make their own spells.  My first spell I cast from an old love spell in a book and cast it strongly on my ex-boyfriend.  It worked! We ended up getting back together, but only for a time. When I left, the spell remained true. Even to this day, I do not know how to reverse the spell as it was a permanent binding spell. He remains single, only loving me, and it’s been over two decades now since our breakup.   I am now married to someone else.  My spells are cast so strong, as they are pure from nature and the elements.

Once and only once, I cast a harmful spell on another when in fact I knew better. My heart was ruling my mind and I asked another witch to cast it.  In these cases, you should never do this.  You must believe that kharma and the universe will do it’s job.  The universe did not carry out the spell as harm casting is frowned upon;  instead turned it back at me. I was indeed punished me with the powers of three. A  three times the spell I cast  worst demon was cast upon me and I lost half my heart to this demon.  I never crossed to the dark side again.


I am ruled by the earth as it speaks to me, having millions of years of wisdom and knowledge.   Mother Earth and the true God is alive in my heart; as well as the powers of the ancient cultures.  I consider my self a Pagan , in the sense that I believe there is divine presence in nature and the reverence of the natural order in life . There is a higher power, but I do not believe I must only go to a man made temple or church to worship it.  I grew up in traditional Italian Catholic household, but I believe there is warped sense of what is right and what is wrong.  You won’t be forgiven for murder or child molestation if you donate more to your church. We are all judged in the end.

As a White Witch yet I study all forms of occult and witchcraft history; as it amazes me how this has always been a way of history and a way of life, even though civilization frowns upon it.   Although dark and black magic will never be my thing, as a Witch I respect my fellow brothers and sisters who dwell in the crafts.  My spells may be used by all but in some cases, dark witches have issues using them.


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