Vintage Witch Boots

Witch Boots, VIntage Shoes from Zwzzy on Etsy size 6.5

These boots from Zwzzy are size 6.5. Hello, I love you. Why can’t you be my size?

I’m not sure what anyone says but these could be a great witch boots to adorn your shoe collection. I’m not so sure I’d wear these every day, as I think they would transform my feet into something unrecognizable, worse than a pile of rubbish. Not to mention us “witch folk” must stay incognito, right? So today you should put away your broom and check out these great finds from Etsy.   I’m thinking these vintage witch boots could be for special occasion only, or as that Halloween Costume (when you are really not in costume). I do hear that clicking them together all the time makes for great fun, but sorry, no trip to Oz.

Vintage Boots Circa 1900s from Classic Antique on EtsyWearing these bad boys would have gotten you hung in the town square, but today, anything goes. Find them at Classic Antique.

What are the Characteristics of a Witch Boot?

So just what is deemed worthy? Small heeled pointed toe boots that say “Don’t mess with me or I’ll turn you into a newt” that’s what. Suffice to say most of the authentic Victorian era shoes resemble what appear to be witch boots, but were worn with daintier dress toting upper class genre, with parasols, certainly not the witch at the end of Eastwick boulevard . The problem, most sizes are small, so teeny in fact, that you would have to put your foot in a press for weeks to make them fit.

Witch Boots by Godman at Etsy, PapillonVintageShop

Measure your foot and snarf up these, priced at $100 at PapillionVintageShop

Many shoes were custom tailored back then or made for certain individuals of upper society aka “high society” by a shoemaker, so good luck finding proper sizes. Many times you will find stock codes in the inseam but no actual sizing.

A cross between Madonna and a Witch at Roslyn Vintage Trading Co.on Etsy

Madonna meets Stevie Nicks meets Cowgirl: Find these at RoslynVTGTradingCo on Etsy

A small resurface in the 80’s because of what was her name , oh yeah, Stevie Nicks – (I know her name) means you should be able to find wider size and slightly lower priced This is the time shoes were starting to be made in China but seemed to hold up a bit better.  Let’s not forget the short squatties that came out in teh Madonna craze. Yeah, I’m old enough to remember that. Today, adding something like this to your collection is well worth it. They  are getting harder to find in the proper sizes.

Flora Goddess Spell – New Beginnings

Flora Italian Goddess Witch Spell

Witch Spell Requires Help from Goddess Flora

This spell is original to my family, and I thought I’d share it today. First you should know the spell is chanted to Flora, she was a goddess of flowers and springtime (and some say fertility) in Roman Mythology.  The celebration honors her, for the return of flowers to the earth in springtime, from the long cold winter.

From my family to yours: The Flora Goddess Spell 

This spell calls on Flora to help you with your New Beginnings.

We find this good for helping your desires as it pertains to New Beginnings, for instance, you lost your job and you are trying to welcome a new beginning (or job) into your life. You lost your lover and are trying to start anew. These sort of circumstance.  The spell will not work for specific requests, as the power of Flora is to use what she thinks is best. For instance, if you ask to win the lottery, you could not ask for that. You could however have in your mind new financial beginnings if you are having issues. The spell works best when greed is not used, but practical things that the Goddess will take pity on you for. Remember, in her time, wealth was not monetary, so some do not understand how she answers. If you believe in her however, she will answer.

The spell is most powerful April 28-May 3rd when others are calling her name; legend says at this time, she seems to be listening.

Depending on the climate you are in, this spell may prove difficult, as sometimes on the East Coast the long hard winters may prove uneasy to collect the necessary components for the dates suggested.

You will need:

To collect one petal from twelve different wild flowers in various places. You must leave the original flowers in tact, but steal a petal from each. For instance, a wild daisy, just pluck one petal.  A dandelion, one petal, so on and so forth. Purple flowers are the strongest in power, they say, but this will prove hard to collect twelve different ones.

The flower petals must be collected within the same day, and set in a cup of fresh stream water.

This spell requires you to wait until the moonlight appears, or if the moonlight does not, the stars will suffice.

You must now see your vision in your head of what you need. For instance, you need a new beginning in your love life.  Now, chant the following holding the cup above your head and into the moonlight, yet when it is time you will need to expose your left breast, so some prefer to do this semi nude.  You must chant the following total of three times, getting louder each time:

Flora,  Goddess! Skin so White!

Please hear me this very night

Guide me into beginnings of new

For this is your specialty I call upon you

From thy bounty of flowers I offer thee

Twelve random petals four times three

The beauty in each I promise true

I shall respect nature and always, you.

REPEAT louder.

REPEAT even louder, and now slowly  pouring the cup with flowers down your bare left breast. * Let them fall to the ground from your breast naturally, as your breast dries.

———————————————kindly dispose of the cup in the proper manner.

*Flora is associated with fertility, so pouring down your left breast equates to nurturing the growth of flowers and awakens the height of sensitivity inside both you and the Goddess.

The spell is strengthened if you have a coven of three others and yourself, all with their own found cups and their own wishes, chanting together and return to the place you found the flowers.  If you do this, you must turn to the witch on your right when it is time to pour, and one at a time pour on the exposed left breast of your sisters or brothers until everyone has taken turns pouring, then hold hands and your spell is sealed.

Each summer, around the same time, don’t forget to thank Flora if she has granted the wish you seek.  Remember, she will grant your wish in how she sees fit.


Spell for New Beginnings

Best Witch Crochet Patterns : DIY Crafts

Witch Crochet Pattern on Etsy

Crochet this little witch via Teri Crew’s Etsy Shop WoolandWhims only $4.97

Well if people are going to crochet cute little witch things, then I’d like them to do it with style and pizazz. Here are my top five favorite witch crochet patterns. You can find them all on Etsy, and all are digital downloads. Meaning, you pay for the pattern, and crochet it yourself. Nothing like adding your own magic on it, perhaps changing a color of yarn to personalize it your very own way, right?

#1  First up above, we have the adorable Witch crochet pattern offered by Teri Crews, you can download it at WoolandWhims for only $4.99. She says, “This sweet witch uses your favorite worsted weight, basic crochet stitches and a size G (4mm) crochet hook. To finish your witch you will need to know how to crochet in the round and basic crochet stitches such as single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet.” I have to admit, it looks like a few friends my gran may have known from Salem….

From Etsy Shop madsbear crochet pattern witch

Adorable Witch in Amigurumi Style at MadsBear $4.99

#2 In second place we have this cute witch who should have brushed her teeth, but now it’s too late….Madsbear has this great Amigurumi Halloween Witch Crochet pattern, in case you are wondering what Amigurumi is, according to Wikipedia, it’s a Japansese style of fashioning via knitting or crochet small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. It’s personable and cute, reminds me of the classic scary witch.  “Boo!”

Bvoe668 has the best litlte crochet witch pattern on etsy for $5

Long live the fat witches this cute litlte damsel is only $5 for the pattern at Etsy shop bvoe668

#3 Long live the pudgy witch. I mean really, all these Hollywood shows want to use the skinny-minnies, what about us pudgy witches?  Well now you can crochet your own! Thank you to Bvoe668 on Etsy who has this plump little pattern for $5!

Witch Crochet Pattern at Etsy

Witch crochet pattern is cute and will sit on the window sill, find it at KTB Designs on Etsy

#4  For only $5.78 you can download this adorable 11″ witch pattern from KTB Designs on Etsy.  The only thing better than that is she comes with her fuzzy black cat friend, cauldron and newt who appears to be (urgh) missing his eye. I suppose the witch forgot to put the “regrow your eye” spell on the newt, but never the less she’s cute and adorable and will keep you crocheting for awhile.

Tabatha Witch Crochet patern at Angels Crochet Too on Etsy

Witch crochet pattern, “Tabatha” sold at Angels Crochet Too, on Etsy, only $5.99

#5  Well I for one am glad that Angels Crochet Too would offer this great witch pattern. Approx 15″ from hat to boots is this cute “Tabatha Witch” download for only $5.99.

Crochet is fun, inexpensive and can be done while waiting in the car to pick up the kids on the bus stop, or sitting outside on a warm summer day appreciating all the sun and sky has to offer, while crocheting away.

The Ouija : Beware

Ouija Board

Ouija board, vintage wooden one from Baltimore, not a joke.


People think the Ouija board is a joke but in reality in the wrong place at the right time and you can unleash more than you ever bargained for. I caution the curious as there is a real possibility that you can unleash a demon.

My grandmother used the Ouija out of a desperate attempt to reconnect with the spirit of her dead son. Taken from her in a tragedy, she sought the spirit world for guidance first asking God for an apparition that her son was okay .

Although sometimes the signs are sent to us in ways we may not see ; perhaps she was looking for a vision or ghost when in fact she ignored the birds constantly flying into her window or the butterflies landing on her shoulder. She then turned to the dark side of the Ouija.

What she connected with was much worse. I remember her being obsessed with the board so much so she would lie about using it. My mother begged her to get rid of the board but we kept finding it in the closet. I have heard stories where the boards keep coming back but I almost tend to believe they possess their owner under the right situation.

Now keep in mind a distraught mother seeking answers will be easy prey for a demon wanting to cause havoc. The demons try to easily trick or posses their way into the hearts of the naive or the willing.

They will con you into thinking they can help you; or even yet con you into thinkin they are the powers you seek. I do not consider use of the board any type of white magic; and it is not a Harry Potter pie in the sky dream to use one.

I can only tell you what happened in the time of her Ouija using was a total transformation in her appearance, her ways, and her overall personality. She was not herself and the road to normality was long and hard. It was as if someone else replaced her for quite awhile.

Heed this as a cautionary tale. No white witch should feel the need to dabble in this sort of witchcraft only because your heart may be pure and white but the spirit on the other end may be a very cunning demon thousands of light years strong.

So what of the board you ask ?

I found the board after she died, tucked away in the closet where it remained with her to the end of her days. I got rid of the board without issue, as it did not posses me nor was I drawn to the secrets it had to tell.

Obviously someone else is in her house. I wonder if they have a board now….

Embued Bloodstone Rock Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees

I actually had this spell cast on me by a 91 year old witch in a time of utter stress in my life. I cannot find anything more about it, except, that it’s amazing she picked it for me since the trees and I go way back. If you know anything about this spell, please leave a comment.

Nojal Embued Jewelry

Chalice Nectar and The Nine Trees


Name: Chalice Nectar

Objective: Healing, Visionary, Order, Anti-aging

Class: Olde Craft

Rock Imbued to “replenishes, empowers and elevates” the Owner. Halt damage to the body, mind and spirit, as well as granting higher access and visionary experiences”.

Not only will the embued stone “remove harmful and damaging energies from one’s field, it will also prevent harmful energies from re-entering one’s field”. This will assist the bearer in gaining enhanced healing abilities as the body, mind and spirit are strengthened by removing the “distracting interference” of damaging energies. The owner will see the advanced improvement of one’s appearance and feelings of well being as the effects of aging are “slowed down”. She also added that “aches and pain have been known to suddenly cease” as a result of this piece!

Noted that one will soon experience “higher access” to information from the astral plane and…

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Ancient Protection Spell for White Witches

Protection Spell

If you like this protection spell, share it with your friends!

The Forest is old and wise, and in it lives the power of the ancient spirits. It offers natural protection from those who seek it.  For the white witch, this spell will will be easy. For the darker witches, this spell may become difficult, as the element of air and north winds will challenge you.  Go with open heart and open mind, and follow the spell exactly. If you do not believe of the power of nature and the ancients, this spell will not work for you.

You must first find a forest that contains within ancient trees and is near or close to water; perhaps having a brook or stream wtihin.

To prepare for this spell you will need items to take with you.  A container of Natural Sea Salt for making a sacred circle, a satchel strong enough to carry the weight of your burdens and ten medium rocks gathered from the forest. Lighter or matches.  A bottle of Natural Spring Water.   The rest of the items must be gathered from teh forest, but not pulled off the trees. They must be collected from the forest floor, showing your respect.

You must go alone, on a warm clear sunny day, when winds are low.

Seven hundred and seventy two paces into the ancient forest is where you will start to gather your supplies. Gather ye the bark of three different birch trees, a small remnant from each at least 2″ x 2″ , but only from the ground of which it has shed.  If your forest lacks birch bark you must look to the forest floor for the bark of the ancients and substitute this.  The trees will speak to you of which bark to gather.

Gather three tiny pine cones, and three hundred and thirty three pine needles, counting them all. Father a small stick that speaks to you, as it will be unusual in shape upon first glance. Gather ye ten rocks, smooth and knowledgeable, but these may be found near the stream or brook or pool of water found deep within the forest.

To find the perfect casting spot, for this spell it is extremely important that you cast on a rock on the edge of a stream or babbling brook.  If your forest borders a shore, lake or ocean, even better. The element of water must be present near this spell in order for it to work.  I have removed my shoes and climbed into the stream to cast on a rock for the best output.   It the wind is too strong you cannot cast on this day and must return three days after, and then three days after that, and so on and so forth until the wind has calmed. If you do not return within three days, you have broken the power of the items, and  must return your supplies to the forest and start all over again, gathering different supplies.   If you are lucky and the forest is working with you, on this calm sunny day in or near the stream on a rock, do just this:

Put your gathered supplies in this formation:
bottom- bark
middle – needles and stick
top- pine cones

The items should be in a small teepee shape formation, so that they will catch and burn. However, it is important to do this with your Spring Water handy, in case the demons working against you try to blow your formation down, and hurt the ancients.  (You don’t want a forest fire. )

Surround the collected pile with the ten rocks you have gathered in a circle.
Surround the rocks with sea salt.
Light the bark and have your water ready.

Once your formation starts to burn you must get on your knees and chant the following:

I (your name) call to the ancients on this day;

through the forest I’ve made my way.

Respecting your beauty, having no fear,

I’ve collected your fruits and wisdom here.

I beg three to protect me day and protect me night,

from the darkness and demons of life I must fight,

Cast me the power of your trees,

I call on the ancients from my knees!

Cast me the power of your light,

I call upon the ancients dressed in white!

Three times three so mote it be,

the power of this forest shall protect me.

(Louder:) Three times three so mote it be; the power of this forest shall protect me.

(Louder & Putting Out Your Fire With Your Spring Water ) Three times three so now it shall be, I am protected thanks to thee.

*Make sure the items are smothered with the water, and toss them into the brook or stream, never looking back, only forward from this day on.

Thanks for reading

Natural Protection Spell

The forest holds the power of the ancients. Embrace it.

Witches Wiccans Make the News in Anchorage

Witchin’ a  Thank you to the Anchorage Daily News

Kudos to Victoria Barber who put a story in the newspaper of a real live “Witches Ball” taking place in Anchorage, Alaska. Not only did she interview the witches in charge but put a link to the ticket sales page.

I read four take-aways from the article that I am sure the public is going to need to know.

1. Witches are scared to come out of their broom closets to their bosses, family or friends.

Sadly I never understood this. Witches, you need to get on your merry broomstick and go talk to a gay guy who has come out and ask him how to do it.

2.  In the official meetup group 120 members strong, only 50 are active.

This just goes to show that over half the witches are hiding!

3. Thank you for the clarification “All Wiccans are witches but not all witches are Wiccans,” which is often so misunderstood.

If I had a dollar for every time I had to repeat this I’d be a rich old witch.

4.  The witch says to Barber, “Wiccans aren’t out to convert anyone, or even talk about their beliefs.”

Um, hello, they are not the Jehovah Witnesses. They don’t go door to door, and believe it or not, they won’t turn you into a rat.

Muroidea Curiosity Collection -Rat skull, vintage bone, crystals and more

Rat Skull on etsy in bottle with bones, crystals, etc at shop OSTEAL